Fckup with everything

Everyone can said what they want but no one try to ask me why why and why. Seriously i dnt need anyone else to pls me at here. Bcs i know what i do and what i want. I dnt mad to them, im just disappointed. Maybe i look like i dnt care but inside of my heart i care too much. Im just tired with all their fcking attitude. Mind ur own business lah girls. Its not easy for me to hate someone, but when i do. It so hard for me to stop. Take a note

Waiting waiting and waiting my baby for replying my msg. But as usual he's always busy and dnt have time for me. Baby one day if u're ready this my blog, i jst want you to to know whatever you've already done to me. Im still here. Im still here be by ur side through thick and thin. I dnt ask anything, all i need is attention, be loyal and love me  more than averything. Im always tired of explaining what i feel. I want to be a girl u're really afraid to lose.  Baby, if i had to choose between loving you and breathing, I would use my last breath to tell  you and my family how much you guys mean to me.Words cant describe what i feel abt you..... Trust me you gonna miss me when im gone. I beat baby i beat. 

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