Hi good morning everyone. Today is 1st day my baby's work at new place and with his new job. Let's pray for my baby ehe. I hope everything will be very well for him. May allah ease everything for us. Happy working for you sayang. And same goes to me happy studying haha. Well im already miss him so much Baru berapa jam dia balik haih. I try not to miss him but in the end i still do. I hope his feel the same. Someone please tell me how can i not miss and forget someone that i love the most? Hmmm. Fyi i dont need anyone else. I have my Afzai. He's my everything! Btw thank you for yesterday and hantar i prgi college tadi. See you this weekend. Takecare of urself when im not around. Jaga mata! Sayang awak sangat paduuuuu 

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