He's my everthing. My boyfriend is not just a boyfriend. He's apart of my life. Which is, he can be my brother, my bff, my enemy & of course my qtpie baby. Btw thank you b cause you want to change for the better. If i seeing you still trying and show me some efforts for our relat, i'll staying.. Trust me. How i wish everything you've said lastnight, you really mean it. Awak, i just want you to know that the feelings i've for you just get deeper and deeper everyday. I dn't know what i'd do without you. What scares me the most is seeing you leave. If you want to stay, pls stay forever with me baby. No matter how fckup you are, i'll still be here. Yah they call it stupidity, but i call it love. And fyi, u're still my fav. After all. Em ok gtg bcs i've morning class. Wishing for the cheerful day tmrw. Sweetdream everyone. Bye 

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