Its fridayyyyy
How many days i didn't update my blog.. Bcs. Dang! For the 1week me and my baby spent masa together. Yah i mean with tance family also lah. And guess what?? Bcs of my attitude me tertinggal alot of subjects. So stupid i am. I hope i still have time to kejar everything before final exam yang dah nak dekat ni hm. Haihhhh may Allah bless me. but I've 1week wonderful memories with em. I miss being happy like bfore ths. Finally i got it. Thanks baby! There's is nothing more fun than spend time with my beloved one & tance family. And now im already at papa's house. As usual only a few hours away with him im start to missing him so badly...
I miss the way he hug me. I miss the way he kiss me. I miss the way he hold my hand. I miss he smiles. I miss everything. Nah words can't describe how much i love being with him. I hope this situation will be endless this way forever,  i can't wait to see you tmrw sayang. Goodnight, sweetdream and I love you Afzainizam bin Alfiyan <3

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